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Chapter Three: Working with Governors

1975: News story about attempt to revise entire penal code

1975: Assemblyman Willie Brown's Consenting Adults Act

1975: News stories on passage of the Consenting Adults Act

1975: Attempted referendum to repeal Consenting Adults Act

1975: News story on the effect of the Consenting Adults Act

1975: Sexual Law Reporter: a new legal publication is launched
           volunteers working on the publication  -- more volunteers
           issues: 1975  -- 1976  --  1977 -- 1978 -- 1979

1975: News story about the Sexual Law Reporter

1975: Coleman at gay protest march in Hollywood

1975: Photo of Coleman's law office on Wilshire Boulevard

1975: Gay employment bills from 1975 to 1979

1975: Letter to Gov. on Fair Employment Practices Commission

1975: Gays and the Federal Government Conference in DC

1975: Press release: after sodomy reform, what next?

1975: Gay newspaper: after sodomy reform, what next?

1975: PA Governor's executive orders (1975-1978)

1975: Activities of PA Council on Sexual Minorities

1976: Letter from PA deputy Attorney General to Coleman

1976: Activists at Fair Employment Practices Comm. hearing

1976: Photo of Tom Coleman

1976: Letter from PA Gov. Shapp to CA Gov. Brown

1979: Coleman lauds Steve Lachs as first openly gay judge

1978: Agency memo: no protection for anti-gay housing bias

1979: Activists demand that agency housing memo be changed

1979: Agency memo changed to give gays housing protection

1979: Press release: protection now for anti-gay housing bias

1979: News story on housing protection now available to gays

1979: Follow up work with housing agency from 1979 to 1982

1979: News story on first openly gay judge

1979: Coleman law office in Hollywood (1977-1980)

1979: Law partners: Tom Coleman and Steve Kelber

1979: Conference on law and the fight for gay and lesbian rights

1979: Coleman letter to Gov. Brown re: sign executive order

1979: L.A. Times: Brown to sign executive order

1979: Staff's cover letter and the Governor's executive order

1979: Memo: history of events leading up to the executive order

1979: Coleman to Andelson: more to do after executive order

1979: Meeting with Personnel Board re implement executive order

1980: News story on new group for gay and lesbian state workers

1980: Attorney General opinion on legality of executive order

1980: Letter to Brown asking him to expand executive order

1980: Michael Vasquez photo - story about gay employee group

1980: Letters proposing creation of a privacy commission

1980: Draft of proposed order creating privacy commission

1982: Executive Summary to final report of Privacy Commission

1982: Final Report of the Privacy Commission (489 pages)
           segment 1 (pages 1 to 72)
           segment 2 (pages 73 to 150)

           segment 3 (pages 151 to 246)
           segment 4 (pages 247 to 350)
           segment 5 (pages 351 to 434)
           segment 6 (pages 435 to 489)

1982: Privacy Commission: public hearing transcripts
           segment 1 -- segment 2  -- segment 3  --  segment 4

1982: Privacy Commission: research papers
           supplement 1:  segment 1  --  segment 2  -- segment 3
           supplement 2:  segment 1  --  segment 2  -- segment 3
           supplement 3:  segment 1  --  segment 2  -- segment 3

1984: Gays urge adoption of hate crime law

1984: Hate crime law signed by CA Gov. George Deukmejian
           editorial and rebuttal by Coleman

           Coleman memo to Governor
           Coleman letter to Ricchiazzi (Log Cabin Republicans)

           LA Times: Governor signs hate crime law

1984: Coleman to investigate hate crimes in Bakersfield

1984: More on anti-gay violence in Bakersfield

1984: Photo: members of the AG's Minority Violence Commission

1985: Certificate of Coleman's appointment to AG's commission

1986: California AG's Commission report on hate crimes

1986: Atty. Gen. urges stronger penalties against hate crimes

1987: Progress report from AG's commission

1988: Documents from AG's commission

1990: Final report of AG's commission

1991: Memo: consequences of governor's veto of AB 101

1991: Press conference re: criminal penalties for job bias

1991: SF Chronicle: state to accept job discrimination claims

1991: Appeal from ruling invaliding sexual orientation city laws

1991: Update: fate of city laws on sexual orientation in doubt

1992: Gay bias rulings create legal confusion

1992: California courts are destroying gay rights

1992: Various papers: focus on gay job bias rulings

1998: Answers of Gray Davis to survey on domestic partnerships

1999: Commentary criticizing Davis for flip flop on inclusive dp

1999: Memo to Gov. Davis on gender-neutral domestic partnership

2002: Governors proclamations for singles' week

2002: Mayors and city council proclamations for singles' week

2003: AASP awards to governors

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